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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The revision/edit done and sent!!!!

Song of the day: “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. Lovely song. It’s been tumbling through my mind frequently lately.

So, let’s make this a quickie. Been a long day, what with work and stuff…and with the past few days having been incredibly busy, catching up with friends (lived like a hermit for the past month or so, delving into that revision edit with an average of 8-10 hours a day behind the computer) which was very necessary. Luckily for me, stuff got cancelled by others during the whole work thing, some get-togethers I was forced to cancel myself, but on the overall timing was splendid. The manuscript actually got done in time…well, only five minutes, over the deadline we had set, so sorta on time anyway. Hah. Technically the edit was done exactly on the deadline, but the actually sending was five minutes late. *sigh*

It was pretty stressful, though: the hours, the weeks, and then that last night, big brother so worried that he woke me up two hours after I got to bed, so we could go through the last bits and pieces, six hours before the deadline. Aaaargh. Seriously, I had the idea that I’d just fallen asleep, and the next moment my door opens and big brother is saying, “we gotta get started, Sam. We only have six hours left. Get up.” Startled me straight up in bed, my head pounding, my stomach protesting (about three hours in I puked out my porridge…I know, TMI, TMI, but there you have it) and bleary-eyed on bad coffee while we read through the last few chapters, checked the key-words that we’d kept track of throughout the edit, (found one, despite all our efforts of taking them out) ran the whole thing through the spelling program, just to be sure, which took an hour!!! And every little thing we could think of before sending it off.

Felt really weird afterward, like deflated, or something, and just gazed blindly at the computer for a while, skimmed through Facebook and finally just gave up and went to bed, rather than risk feeling miserably tired for the majority of the day. Slept several hours and then went outside so we could work on fixing the Daihatsu. Yes! We did it! The little zit is fully functional again, all the broken parts we exchanged for new (2nd hand ones, naturally)…although we still have to find a new hood, but that has no rush. Anyway, it works, it drives, and the garage who checked the poor thing over, declared it hale and healthy. Yay.

So, on the news part…there’s going to be some changes. Moving time is coming again…asap. Big brother had a rather good job offer, thankfully, so we’re planning on moving back south…at least a little bit, just as soon as we can manage it. Already looking, mind you, but such things take more time than I would want them to…but on the other hand, there is still a deadline for the book, and there will be at least two more edits before it can get the okay at the end of the month, so…I’m hoping that the actual move won’t be until next month. Seriously, can imagine me having to do the previous mentioned hours, while packing and loading most of our stuff, because big brother would be working full time at his new job. Aaaaaaarrrgggghhhh

As for the social business lately. We had some parties, b-days, from neighbors as well as friends, which was fun, if time consuming. Hah. Also visited friends with new babies, or babies underway. Five cases of that, just so you know, and just so you know, I’ve heard of two former colleagues who are having, and have a baby. Seriously, everyone seems to be procreating. I do hope it is not something in the water. Cute babies, though. I’ve been cooing over more babies the past few weeks than I did in the past twenty years. I kid you not. It sure is different, suddenly all the conversations are about babies and stuff about babies. Hah.

The car had a sudden problem the other day. We were preparing to bring away a load of old cartons, and the next thing you know the stupid thing just stopped functioning. Turn the ignition, but nothing happened, so I went straight to the garage, who offered to come back with me to see if he could get it started anyway. He could. Turns out the battery had completely died, so we had to replace it. Good thing that it was only that, because it seemed like it was a bigger problem. Was already seeing the disaster looming. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Did quite some cooking, and baking. Have a divine chocolate cake, according to my volunteer tasters anyway. Personally I’m okay with them, but not the biggest fan…it being chocolate and everything. Also experimented with some dishes, which I think I’ll save for the cooking blog at a later time.

What else…well, not much else. Since the manuscript has been sent out I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train and have been taking some naps, when the days allowed it, cleaning the house because it was a mess, doing laundry to catch up, and  doing my exercises approximately 5 days a week for more than an hour, if for no other reason than making up for the computer sitting time. If I hadn’t done that throughout the edit, I think I would have been a physical mess for sure.

The weather is finally improving. Everything is green again, which is a vast relief. The winter was incredibly long and I’ve had enough of it. Pity that now that the time to move has come, it’s a pity that it’s happening while everything has finally become pretty at last. I’ll keep you informed.

And that’s it for now. I’m leaving out stuff, of course, but I don’t want to get boring anyway. I’ll be back…as always. The question is just when. Hah.

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